Cedro Royal Multiventures is a social development enterprise that addresses social, economic and environmental challenges confronting Sub Saharan Africa. The company has five arms:

Farm’s wealth: This is an agribusiness unit that deals with all areas of agribusiness from production, processing and marketing of agricultural produce using the value chain approach. We source for all kinds of agricultural commodities across the country, promote backward integration, link farmers to the market, quality inputs and sources of finance. We also carry out out-grower scheme/ contract farming for all kinds of crops and livestock value chain. The unit promotes agriculture as a viable business venture among youth and makes it real to them that there is wealth in farming.


NaijaEnterpreneur Hub (NiEHub): This unit is dedicated to nurture entrepreneurship, support startup communities, contribute towards a vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem and facilitate investment in budding, small and medium enterprises.NiEHub believes entrepreneurs will be the driving force of economic development of Nigeria and Africa while Innovation and technology will be the backbone of the transformation that takes place at local communities. NiEHub will seek to actively work for these communities while empowering youth to become leaders, create more employment, becoming investment ready and gain prosperity. NiEHub will explore collaboration within Nigeria and abroad with agencies and organizations that seek similar stimulation and growth of entrepreneurship in any way possible.


AgroMedia: Farming is rarely portrayed in the media as a young person’s game and can be seen outdated, unprofitable and hard-work. This unit uses multimedia to create greater awareness of the benefits of agriculture as a career amongst young people, opportunities for greater market engagement, innovation and farming as a business. The media, ICT and social media are used to help better agriculture’s image across a broad audience, share knowledge, build networks and find employment especially by the young people. The platform aims to attract as many youths and investors into agribusiness. The unit also promotes stakeholders’ engagement for policy dialogue and promotion of sustainable development goals in Nigeria.


Real Estate: The Company engages in selling, buying, renting land, building or housing for industrial and residential purposes. Access to land for agribusiness is among the top infrastructural challenges facing enterpreneurs in Africa and the company helps enterpreneurs to solve this problem through various innovative means.


Agricultural and General Consultancy Services: We offer consultancy services to firms, institutions, research centers, government agencies, development organizations and independent farmers in the fields of agricultural economics, rural development with emphasis on Agriculture, Advocacy, Business management, Civic and political engagement, Women, Child and youth development, water and soil conservation, sustainable environment and climate change adaptation, leadership development, health and nutrition awareness, campaigns and programmes.